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Why Us

By visiting the resort you are subsidizing an on-site nature camp for Thai children from all walks of life to experience and learn about nature.

As a visitor you can venture over to the camp and join us in the fun of learning about nature, should you want to try something new! While the camp is separate from the resort (and you can expect a quiet, peaceful setting) we welcome you to join us as we learn together.

The resort

Nestled in the Khao Sok rainforest and constructed largely out of bamboo—an amazing material which is renewable and, when property treated, long-lasting—Our Jungle Camp is an eco-resort that will leave you inspired.

Our Jungle Camp is a sister resort of Our Jungle House. The owner, a pioneer of nature tourism in Thailand since 1975, has meticulously crafted an experience that’s inclusive of the awe-inspiring natural surroundings.

Whether you stay in a treehouse (double storey—or single), a house constructed of adobe, a simple bamboo hut, or a traditional bungalow, you’ll feel right at home here.

More about us

Lost Horizons Company, which has been developing eco-resorts in Thailand for 30 years, has established a nature camp offering an incredible place to be inside the dense jungle of Thailand, for visitors as well as locals.

With more than 700 square kilometers of ancient rainforest, waterfalls, majestic limestone cliffs and a vast, island-dotted lake, Khao Sok is rich in wildlife, including diverse species of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians. It’s an ideal place for kids to enjoy hands-on lessons in the study of plants, animals and wildlife habitats while taking part in fun adventures, such as river tubing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, bird-watching, jungle survival, and many more!

The camp is a self-sustaining philanthropic project that serves groups of Thai kids, particularly from schools in low-income communities, on a low-cost or free basis.

Complementing the nature learning camp is a separated resort offering an incredible stay for guests from around the world. The resort is also rented to nature-study groups from private and international schools and independent travelers, whose payment subsidize the non-profit camp operations. The camp and resort have separate facilities, with resort rooms situated on the river and camp cabins and tents tucked in the back.

Sustainability has been our guiding principle in design, construction and operation of the project. We are committed to preserve the integrity of the unique natural environment of Khao Sok National Park and our own 14-acre private forest. The resort and camp design maximises the use of local building materials and minimize environmental impact. With this we aim to set an example of best environmental practices in the area.

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